Services for Property Developers and Builders

Industry partners know it makes sense to enlist RoadCulture for specialist traffic services. Since founding in 2010, RoadCulture has worked with civil engineering firms and private developers including Empire Engineering, Insite SJC, SSS Strawberries and many more.


  • Prepare traffic impact studies for government assessment and approval.

    If a new development will increase traffic volumes and/or significantly affect road conditions then government planning process requires a traffic impact report to be submitted. RoadCulture offers an assessment and reporting service which includes observation of existing traffic patterns, analysis of likely changes following development and, where necessary, identification of value-for-money road improvements.
  • Design or review a parking layout, driveway access and/or other road improvement plan.
  • Design or review a temporary traffic management plan for construction work or events.
  • Review or create network planning tools: road hierarchy, shared pathways, traffic light co-ordination.



Industry Partners and Projects

Property Development

SSS Strawberries' farm on Rosedale Road will soon become a 'Big Strawberry' tourist facility featuring a restaurant and shop. The company engaged RoadCulture for traffic engineering support for their agri-tourism development, and the following benefits ensued:

  • The company had a tidy looking site frontage for the duration of the development assessment thanks to a successful request to government for road edge maintenance;
  • Traffic generation figures from a comparable local tourist facility were used as a base, resulting in accurate assessment of the development’s potential traffic impacts;
  • Individual development features were assessed separately. This built flexibility into the approval process, making it possible to make late changes to the staging of the development.
  • Adequate discussion was facilitated between the developer, representative consultants and government staff to achieve a shared understanding of the development traffic features, and;
  • An economic design for mitigation measures was developed and efficiently co-ordinated to take advantage of nearby contractors working on other projects.


Property Development

Since 2012, town planning, surveying and project management consultants Insite SJC have been gaining value for their clients by engaging RoadCulture to meet complex needs at varying project stages. For example, during the feasibility stage of a commercial development in a constrained site, RoadCulture reviewed internal and external roadways, consulted with road authorities and advised the scale of development that could be accommodated without requiring any major road upgrades. This information confirmed likely roadwork costs in relation to the potential site layout and buildings, helping to optimise the developer’s potential return on investment in the site.

In late 2014, RoadCulture’s client Andrew Wallis received council news that a roundabout designed for the adjacent intersection would affect the use of their property in Bowen. The client and their tenants faced the prospect of losing 15 on-street car parks and two driveway accesses, raising concerns the business would have to close. RoadCulture provided an efficient design review and reporting service, including an alternative concept to Council’s design showing how existing access points and car parking spaces could safely be retained. Consequently the client engaged with councillors and design staff to achieve a much improved design.

  • The service was on time. I would refer RoadCulture to others if they asked me

    Toan Nguyen SSS Strawberries agri-tourism
  • Happy with the outcome and work to date

    Director Development, investment and advisory company
Samantha Green

Samantha Green established RoadCulture in 2010 following successful road safety improvement projects during local and state government employment in Tasmania and Queensland.  With the business now located in New South Wales, Samantha has cultivated a varied client base of private entities and public organisations.

Completing a Master’s Degree in Engineering Science in 2006, Samantha’s formative years included Austroads selection (Queensland representation) at an international study tour.  Supporting Engineers Australia’s delivery of three Central Queensland Conferences, she has been President of the Burnett Local Group, and assisted placement of Engineering Heritage Marker Bundaberg Waterworks 1902.

Passionate about safety and inclusiveness in shared road spaces, Samantha’s voluntary work has included parking support for Gloucester Preschool’s expansion, Traffic Engineering course delivery at U3A, and development of River to River Pathway community group.  Holding a Certificate IV in Small Business Management, Samantha’s commitment to lifelong learning continues with expected completion of a Bachelor Training and Development in 2020.