Services for Councils and Road Infrastructure Managers

RoadCulture specialise in traffic management and road safety within the civil engineering field. With a proven record of traffic improvement projects that perform safely over time, RoadCulture can provide design or review services to achieve a successful road infrastructure project. With clients including the Bundaberg Regional Council, RoadCulture also provides staff training to build employee capacity, supporting the economic management of road infrastructure assets.


  • Investigate and respond to council traffic concerns.
  • Plan and prioritise improvement projects.
  • Design, review and/or evaluate intersection or traffic management schemes.
  • Review developer submitted traffic impact assessments.
  • Develop and deliver professional and/or technical staff training.
  • Review or create network planning tools: road hierarchy, shared pathways, traffic light co-ordination.
  • Collect traffic volume, parking and/or traffic signal data.



Road Infrastructure and Assets

 Road Infrastructure - Crosswalk Design

Course materials were developed and 18 electrical technicians and support staff successfully completed RoadCulture’s Introduction to Traffic Signal Management workshop at Bundaberg Regional Council. Attendees varied in experience level, however most found the training interesting. Two thirds of surveyed participants agreed the workshop improved their communication and would result in better methods for undertaking traffic signal work.

A major shopping centre development was proposed which would increase traffic volumes at an arterial road junction, while road network flows had recently changed following the signalisation of two other intersections along the arterial road. RoadCulture provided a comprehensive report for the shopping centre development which included:

  • A review of the functional classification of the road network, and;
  • An options analysis/concept design which considered the advantages and disadvantages of controlling the shopping centre junction using give way control, roundabout or traffic signals.

The report proved to be an effective project document which aided consultation with civil contractors, local government, state government, local residents and businesses.

  • The content was useful, and all questions were answered to a good degree

    Traffic Signals Workshop attendees Bundaberg Regional Council
  • It’s working well with less delays…. the phasing of the signals is just right!

    Maryborough resident affected by changes to signal phasing and timing
Samantha Green
Samantha Green

Samantha Green is Owner/Director of RoadCulture and has worked in local and state government positions to manage traffic and implement road safety improvement projects. She holds a Masters Degree in Engineering Science (Transport Engineering) and has completed courses in secondary school teaching (maths/science). She is currently a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland and has previously been registered on the Qld Road Safety Auditor database.